Liceul Tehnologic „Marcel Guguianu“, Romania

Liceul Tehnologic „Marcel Guguianu“ is a secondary school with a focus on vocational training. It is located in Zorleni, a village outside Barlad, in North-Eastern Romania. The school has about 740 students, of which 257 are doing their upper secondary education (15-19 years old). An additional 170 students are in vocational training and 313 are adult students who are enrolled in our school in order to gain a high school diploma. The school employs 35 teachers and an additional 19 staff.

The educational offer of the school includes:

  • Technological high school education - profiles: Services, Natural resources and Environmental protection and Technical 
  • 3 year professional education - qualifications: Mechanical engineer, Agricultural mechanic, Trader-seller 
  • reduced frequency highschool courses - specializations: Natural Sciences and Human Sciences.
  • The school has a rich experience in implementing partnership projects with schools and organizations in the European Union. As a result, it received the European School Certificate four times consecutively. 

More information can be found on the school's website at

Gymnasium Wendelstein, Germany

The grammar school in Wendelstein, Germany is up to date divided into eight grades. In the future it will be 9 years again. In the 5th to 7th grades, all the educational directions are largely identical with the exception of the language sequence. The profile formation thus refers exclusively to grades 8 to 10. The students learns English as the first foreign language. From grade 6 onwards, a second foreign language is added. At the Gymnasium Wendelstein there is a choice between French and Latin. The actual decision about the choice of the educational direction is thus made only at the beginning of the 8th grade.

For the course phase of the upper level, i.e. for the grades 11 and 12 (from 2024 12 and 13), all students choose the subjects and seminars; with few exceptions, the previously attended course is of no significance. All students acquire the general higher education entrance qualification irrespective of the course of study originally attended and the various options available.

From the 10th grade onwards, it is also possible to take Spanish as a new foreign language starting late. As a rule, the second foreign language (French or Latin) is taken. Spanish must then be continued in grades 11 and 12.